Fair to people, fair to nature

Our company was founded in 1991 as a trading house. Since 2005 we are an importer and manufacturer of oils, fats, waxes and related specialities such as Argan oil, black cumin seed oil, cedar nut oil, coffee oil, elderberry seed oil, grape seed oil, neem oil, plum kernel oil, pomegranate seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, raspberry kernel oil, rose hip seed oil, sea buckthorn seed oil etc. Our offer is directed exclusively at commercial customers. The food trade and the food industry as well as the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries fully trust in our superb services and qualities.

We are an organic certified company in accordance with the EU organic council regulation and are under permanent control by the officially recognized organic inspection body PCU (DE-ÖKO-070).

Oleador: Oleador is protected by copyright as a word/figurative mark (no. 307 33 594.1 / 03) by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office as a word/figurative mark (no. 307 33 594) as well as word mark (number 30 2016 213 636). At this point just one remark to the lexical meaning of our brand: the word Oleador means as much as “golden oil tree“.

Ecological compatibility: It is our goal to contribute to environmental as well as climate protection by developing and using production methods which are dedicated to these issues. Therefore, we use only natural raw materials from, if possible, controlled ecological cultivation. We also seek to solely use eco-friendly and energy-efficient production procedures as well as packaging and transportation systems. Our consignments are transported a way that produces lower emission, that way minimizing our environmental effects. All our products are marked with the Green Point.

Social compatibility: Until we can enjoy a product of the countries of the south, many people become worldwide active. With trade partners from the south, we commit ourselves, among other things, to the payment of fair prices and the granting of reliable, long-term and on partnership based trade relations.

Animal testing: We reject any kind of animal testing within the production of our cosmetic products. Our products are certificated according to the criteria of the Vegan Society in Great Britain. Veganism is a philosophy and life-style trying, as far as practically possible, to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards animals capable of suffering.

Genmanipulierte Produkte: Our product range does not include any genetically manipulated products. We strictly reject the use of genetic engineering in agriculture as well as in the food industry, because this contradicts our self-understanding of healthy and fair food production.